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Vibe Landing Page Redesign

Vibe is a team morale meter for Slack, born out of an open project at AIR I was tasked to redesign the landing page with a goal to increase sign-up conversion and brand consistency. Work included information architecture, wireframing, visual design, prototyping and front-end development. Since launch in September 2016 the conversion rate has increased from 4.6% to 7%.

Understanding The Problem

Vibe launched in May 2016 and had quickly reached it's KPIs by the end of June. Along with the creative team, we proposed a redesign to: 1. increase sign up conversions, 2. increase community engagement, 3. feature partners to grow network, 4. manage technical debt, 5. sign up teams and not individuals, 6. be credible

Design Process

There are 3 creatives at AIR, and each of us decided to design a concept over one weekend. The following Monday we presented our designs to team and picked the best parts of each. As I would be lead designer on the project it was my role to build upon these designs from scratch. The below shots show how my designs evolved over time:

Old vs. New

I'm still yet to update the story behind this portfolio piece, but please see some before and after shots below.

Visit to see the updated landing page.

Old site at

Sneak peaks

I'm currently working on 2 other projects related to Vibe.

One, a Chrome Extension which is currently in testing for release early next year. I spent a day hacking with my co-worker creating the extension, you can read more about that here - Vibe Hackathon. Find a clickable prototype through InVision below:

InVision Prototype ~

Vibe Android App - Material Design Experimentation

The second project I'm working on is an android app using Material Design. See a few shots below:

Login - Slack Authentication

Positive Morale

Positive Emotions

Good Morale

Good Emotions

Negative Morale

Negative Emotions


Unknown Morale